This site is a work in progress, but it’s coming along nicely. My name is Mike and along with some members of my family, we started this site. We love eating at restaurants in Tarpon Springs, so we figured why not start a site reviewing all the restaurants in town?

Along the way we decided that we need HELP! We can’t eat at every place (we’re all on diets haha) and we would love to hear from you.

So, to use this site, till we make it better, just search for a restaurant you’ve eaten at by using the search form over on the top right of the page. Then, write your review and use the star system to let us know what you think.

One thing for right now – the rating form is beneath the comment form. That’s ok, just write what you want to say (don’t hold back!) and then click on the number of stars you want to give each restaurant.

THEN – click on the “Post Comment” button. The cool script we have runs all sorts of calculations and posts the winners and losers. Give it a try and make sure you share this site with your friends and family.

Together we can make Tarpon Springs restaurants even better and have fun in the process.

And if you haven’t yet, make sure you join our facebook fan page, that’s where the debates get hot and heavy!!

Here’s the link:

TarponSpringsRestaurants.net Fan Page

Daily Deals!

We have an idea. You know those daily deal sites like Groupon and Social Living? Well, we want to do something like that, only a lot COOLER. Most of those deals are for spas and massages and stuff like that in Tampa.

We want to only offer deals on Tarpon restaurants! So, use the form over on the right to sign up. We don’t have anything setup yet, but once we do we can all save money and eat lots of good food in Tarpon Springs!

Sounds pretty cool right? We have to team up and once there’s enough of us (100 or more) we’ll get deals started to all your favorite places right here in town.

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